work @beplace.

We are a startup property management company with a vibrant team managing nearly 300 units across three cities spanning 600,000 SF inhabited by hundreds of people.

Your healthcare is a human right.

We share company-paid $500-deductible Blue Cross Blue Shield medical, dental and vision insurance so we can help you help yourself using one of the most respectable local, regional, and national insurers!

We eat for 1 whole hour everyday.

We think you should take a 1-hour break after a busy morning and before you come back for a busy afternoon. Cruise the neighborhood, check out some new food options, and have fun!

We supercharge PTO.

We think you should work hard and play hard so we give up to 20 days of paid time off every year so you can bring back new experiences and stories of new adventures!

We're techie geeks.

We provide top-notch techie gadgets – iPhones, tablets, and Google chromeboxes hooked up to 27″ 1920 x 1080 Full HD Diagonal Curved Displays – to access web apps you can use everywhere!

We give away 800+ discounts.

We give access to 800+ major corporate discounts to Amazon, movie theaters, sports games, food spots, fitness and health centers, pet shops, electronics outlets, and more popular stores and sites!

You can live@beplace too.

When you work@beplace you can live@beplace too so we pitch in by paying $1,200 of your annual rent when you live on-site, which we apply to your monthly rent bill, and we waive your security deposit too!

We build teams with solid structures which can offer creative amenities while running in the same direction.

Our Cherry Hill Club property is managed from our HQ. And our HQ is conveniently located at Cherry Hill Club.

Our Lincoln Park and Riverview Club properties are managed from our Lincoln Park hub.